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Reconnection Healing Fees:
30 minute session $55
60 minute session $90

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About Reconnection Energy

Reconnection Energy Practitioner is an actual conduit for this energy and is skilled in bringing this energy to the receiver.  This type of energy is both inherent and essential to every human who walks this earth.  This universal energy has powerful healing properties and is useful for the renewal functions of the human body; spiritual, emotional, mental and physical healing. It is a literal reconnection to the energy that is always there; already a part of you, a reconnection healing session brings you back to the awareness of its existence. It is through awareness and by choice that you are able to consciously open up to this energy and experience a natural spiritual alignment-Body, Mind, Spirit elevating your life path in powerful ways. 
Reconnection Energy Healing is scientifically proven and has been studied in connection with human DNA and has been documented to have shown to restructure a person’s DNA. Energy is everything we are made of, scientific studies have revealed energy is measurable and it is tangible.  During Reconnection healing, the intrinsic energy channels within the physical body are opened and stimulated, activating DNA codes repairing DNA strands and strings in turn renewing bodily functions. 
Infinite Soul Expression offers 30 and 60-minute sessions as well as distance healing sessions.
Reconnection energy healing is NOT a substitute for medical and psychiatric treatment.  Continuation of your physician directed treatment plan(s) is imperative. 

Reconnection Healing

Reconnection Energy is universal divine energy and the highest vibrational energy available on earth


The receiver will lay on the massage table fully clothed with appropriate support for the head, back, and knees.  Once relaxed, I will conduct the hands off energy session.  During the course of the session, the receiver may experience various emotions, smells, visions, and movement.  Any and all of these are a natural part of the healing process. 
No special preparation is required for a healing session other than being open to the experience and not disclosing to me what your ailments are.  This allows me to become a clear conduit for the energy without interference by the ego.  


Distance Reconnection Energy Healing can be done all over the world!  Distance Healing Sessions are particularly ideal for those who are, in hospitals, bedridden or in hospice. A  Distance Healing Session can be just as effective as an “in-person” session. Reconnection Energy Healing frequencies are light and osmose information, it’s not a force or current, distance does not weaken the energy that can be absorbed.