Discover A Healthier, Energized You

Kathryn M. Terlikowski, RN/BSN

Gain Confidence

With support and guidance you will succeed in reaching small goals, and larger successes will naturally follow.

As a professionally trained and experienced practitioner in Reconnection Energy and The ThetaHealing Technique®, I am hear to help you feel better and solve issues that are preventing you from reaching your goals.  

Enrich Your Life. 

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Helping You Heal with Universal Energy 

Develop Insight

Explore your body + mind + emotions connections to clear the way to

lasting change that will effect you down to your DNA.

Reconnection Energy is universal divine energy and the highest vibrational energy available on earth

Do you feel you lack the energy and physical well-being to fully engage

in your life? 


Reconnection Energy Practitioner is an actual conduit for this energy and is skilled in bringing this energy to the receiver.